Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3

Acquiring a new smartphone might be especially exciting during the time of the purchase and the following days, while we discover all of its cool features, regardless if we did some previous research before buying. However, what makes a phone a great choice is how good it works in the future, while we keep using it over and over again in our daily lives. The important thing is that our device can perform accordingly to our expectations in the long term when some of the phones’ interface gets sluggish or the battery starts running flat faster every time. At this moment, we will be able to tell if our purchase was the right one or not. It seems like Google understood the concept of perpetuity to a great extent when they delivered Pixel 3, the company’s most powerful phone to this day.

Pixel 3 is an exceptional phone, not only because it presents excellent features and specs but also because of it giving a guarantee of long-term durability and top-notch performance. Since its release in 2018, Google has kept adding new updates that make the Pixel 3’s interface smooth and even add new features to apps, like the Night Sight update, which allows users to take magnificent photos in low light environments with its camera.

The Pixel 3’s camera is capable of taking beautiful photos besides having only one rear lens. Besides, it has a unique way of handling color and light, really setting it apart from the rest of the phone cameras out there. This style blends into a very sharp camera that is still considered the best to be found in a smartphone by many. With a beautiful 5.5-inch display, Pixel 3 makes photos and videos look stunning. Combined with the unlimited cloud storage Google offers just by having the phone, this is an excellent reason to never stop taking pictures and recording every moment to share. For those who want to see everything in a bigger display, Google’s Pixel 3 XL has a 6.3-inch screen, while the rest of the phone keeps the same features of the original model.

Google’s best card to compete in the smartphone industry is a phone that is constantly being upgraded and improved through updates, in order to maintain a smooth, satisfying user’s experience. Through this strategy, they have delivered a very compelling phone that has made many users very happy all around the world.